l’m a Κυπραίος l live in Anglia
my name is Γιάννης, my γεναίκα is Μαρία.
I work in the cafe, 1 cook αφκόν τζιαι bacon
and I prefer every morning my coffee Κυπραίηκον.

Τό sport που κάμνω like is πιλόπαν and πάβλιν
and I like my music with μπουζούκι and πιθκιαύλι

I live kalon impression to those that met me
Ι want to have a girlfriend but my geneka won’t let me.

Mercedes my φίλοι is the car that I like
but I have no ριάλια so I ride a pushbike.

Φασόλες l like because l’m Greek
it helps me to empty my άντερα quick.

My cousin Αντρέα has just gone προξένια
to a girl who has μάλια
lovely car and ριάλια
plenty πάσιη and γένια.

My παππού just got married and doesn’t know why
his γεναίκα τζιοιμάται at night and cry
he used to be a hunter but life has turned nasty.
His σιηπέπος, is useless στουπωμένος and rusty.

My θείο Σωτήρη is fifty years old
his καρκιά my φίλοι is made of gold.
But τωρά τελευταία has lost all his mates
’cause they found that his σιύλλος is a carrier of aids.

The life my φίλοι is σκληρή in Αγγλία
the rates are high, the ριάλια is λλία.
it’s a blessing that the Government does not tax the αστεία!

Λονδίνο 12.8.1998