I’m a Κυπραία my name is Μαρία
I’d like to tell you τη δική μου ιστορία.

My τζιύρη is κκέλης, he is short with γένια
and every Σαββάτον he brings me προξένια.

I’m not ready for marriage I tell my τζιύρη
he said that this house is not μοναστήριν.

I’ve said that I’m choosing the man I will marry
he said he wιll hit me on the head with a φκιάριν.

I don’t like προξένια I said, with μάθκια κλαμένα
he gets very ungry and he asks θυμωμένα.

“Why? You say no ρα, you are in love with κανένα?
Νοw you listen to pappa and marry a Κυπραίον
with a nice house and a garden ωραίον.”

I know that he loves me and he thinks of my μέλλον
but I’ll wait till he dies and I marry όποιον θέλω.

Λονδίνο 31.7.1998