The world has gone crazy in these here modern years
I watch TV I hear the news and don’t believe my ears.

The US Secretary of State made a declaration
That shamed public opinion and shocked the Cypriot nation.
He said that Turkey is wrongly accused
They are a loving, peaceful nation
They’ve gone to Cyprus for the best
And in the eyes of the West
There is no question of an invasion.

Turkey has gone to Cyprus for prosperity and peace
There is no missing people, homeless or refugees
The Greeks are kicking too much fuss, there is no provocation
And eight thousand Turkish troops
Are only there for a vacation.

There is no barbwire, what they are telling plainly
That ISAAC and SOLOMOS have died accidentally
And if you cast your mind back
On that troublesome summers day
The Turkish troops was having target practice
And those lads got in the way.

He said the Americans respect the Greeks
And regard them as a friend
But when he speaks, the words don’t come out of his mouth
But from his rear end.

London 30.7.1998