ln the streets of Nicosia not so very long ago
Sweet memory’s flash through my mind
Of the life, I used to know

Α life full of happiness with no signs of bother
Where Cypriots, Greeks and Turks Respected one another.

Athanasi and Moustafa are playing happily in the street
And they can not hide their friendship
That grows stronger, every time they meet.

That kind of that special friendship
That grew within their heart
Ιt was like an unwritten oath
Never to be apart.

Athanasi show respect, by calling his friend Kartashie
And never ate a single meal without Athanasi
But in the heat of the summer of seventy four
That beautiful friendship was broken by war.

The guns started talking, there was disaster and fire
And the two little Cypriots was parted
By a wall of barbed wire.

Νοw there is a barbed wire that is splitting them apart
And a very big question that troubles their heart.

Ο!!! Christ when, Allah when give us a sign when
When will the barbed wire go so we can meet again.