(Dedίcated to Kavazoglou and Mίshίaouli)

l’ve picked words out of my heart
And place them in such a way
Trying to express my true feelings
On this memorable day.

11th of April of 65 was a day of sorrow
That was the day Kavazoglou and Mishiaoulis
Gave their lives for a better tomorrow.

They dreamed of one united Cyprus
Fruitful and peaceful place
Where people could not be judged
By religion or the colour of their face.

But Τ.Μ.Τ did not allow them to achieve what they can
They tried to silence them their dream
With the language of a gun.

But you could be so mindless when you go to the extreme
You could kill a person with a gun
But you could not kill a dream.

An idea in your heaιt is something you contain
Α picture of a memory
Νο negative, no frame.

They cannot take ίt away from you
it’s always in your mind
Never gets scratched
Never gets torn
Ιt dies when you die.

On this here memorial service
Regardless of how hard ίt seems
We promise, that we will carry on
Until we fulfil their dream

London 4.5.2001