I’ve turned my thoughts once again to the life I’ve left behind
Accompany by memories, deep in my heart and mind
Memories of my homeland, everything was correct
Were Greeks and Turks lived side by side
They loved Cyprus with pride
With friendship and respect.

There was mutual respect, everything was so nice
We were enjoying the sun and sea
And we were all too blind to see
The clouds of war, that was covering our skies.

Why? Why? Did we allow the clouds of war, to make an appearance?
Why Why didn’t we tread everyone equal?
Why Did we listen to mindless people?
And foreign interference?

I know, is human nature to make a mistake
But let’s get together, Greeks and Turks
We’ve got too much at stake.

Let’s put our minds to work, sort out the situation
Think of the future, and don’t look back
Live in Cyprus, under one flag
One united nation.

London 12.4.2002