So many times I have stopped, and asked myself why?
Someone, somewhere, starts a war so many people die
So many organizations that peacefully men create
Ιt seems almost impossible to get rid of the hate.

So much money that is spent for keeping peace each year
Cannot prevent all these wars, the bloodshed and the fear
I was born in Cyprus, a small but lovely place
1 can remember, not so long ago, the good old happy days.

Where Greeks and Turks, they used to live like sister and brother
They used to love and understand always one another
But someone got in between and poisoned their mind
An answer to their problems, is very hard to find.

If you will ask a Cypriot, a Turkish or a Greek
ΑΙΙ they really want, is to live for once in peace
Without the interference, from England, Turkey or Greece
But they poke their noses in, in other peoples matters
Always forcing innocent people to live in gutters.

They’re forcing you to make a war, which you very much regret
But all this now is in the past, let’s forgive and forget
The main problem facing the country now, is this
How to tackle homelessness and hungry refugees.

As Cypriot, what I must say, what I really feel
The foreign forces from Cyprus, is time they should leave
The English back to England, the Turkish back to Turkey
The Greeks all back to Greece
And let alone the Cypriots to live again in peace.

(This poem won the first prize at the Vema Poetry Competition in 1978)