The clouds of war are covering the sky
The face οf fear is in our hearts
Peace-loving people are asking why?
Why? ls bloodshed on the cards.

Fighting terrorist is a must, and I totally agree
We must do it in a way that is legal
By dropping bombs, and killίng ίnnocent people
On this I disagree

lt is my humble opinion, that against terrorism we should unite
But we should remember lads
Anger shouldn’t enter our hearts
Because two wrongs don’t make a right

We should make this planet that we live
Α loving and peaceful place
I know the problem is so large
But a person shouldn’t be judged
By his religion, or the colour of his face.

If you bother to study religion and take a closer look
You will find a very important thing
Killing another human being
lt is forbidden in every holy book.

By mobilising armies and dropping bombs galore
lt isn’t very nice
We’ve got to realise
There is no winner in a war.

It’s not the first time, and it won ‘t be the last
We’ve seen it all before
Ruins, widows, and orphans
Ιs the result of every war

London 26.9.2001