With the eyes of my thoughts
the logic of my mind
I search for peace throughout the world
the actions of mankind.

And the result my dear friends are coming fast and thick
some say we must show patience
but looking at the human rights violation
believe me, it makes you sick.

lf you are a small and defenceless
country the truth my dear brother
you’ve got an anger you can not hide
no one stands by your side
no one seems to bother.

You keep looking for answers tireless from dusk to dawn
you don’t need an eye test
the so-called freedom fighters
always look after their own.

They cover all the atrocities, is so easily done
resolutions are overturned
but as human rights are concerned
Turkey is number one.

Their jails are always packed up with people of every kind
don’t ask why, don’t waste your time
in Turkish law it is a crime
only to speak your mind.

Some people are sent to Turkish prisons
never again to be seen or heard
if you need evidence is a symbol
ask a Cypriot or a Kurd.

London 20.7.1999