Welcome to Grivas.co.uk, a website celebrating the life and work of Yiannis Grivas.

Yiannis was born in the village of Klirou (Cyprus) in 1948 and moved to the UK in 1960.

He was a celebrated Poet, Actor, Playwright, Director and Philanthropist.

Yiannis sadly passed away on 1st May 2008 but his spirit and passion lives on through his published works, audio CDs and videos of his performances.

This website contains a wide selection of his poetry (Both in Greek, English and Gre-English), both in text and original recordings by Yiannis as well as episodes of his TV Show “Yerro Ttofi” which appeared on UK Hellenic TV in the early 90’s.

We hope you enjoy this website and rest assured we will be uploading more of Yianni’s poems, audio recordings and videos in the near future.